Three New Books from Sally, Sarah, and Nathan

Three new books have been added to the Whole Heart family line up in the past couple of months: The Mom Walk by Sally, Journeys of Faithfulness by Sarah, and Wisdom Chasers by Nathan. Whether you’re a mom, a teen daughter, or a teen son, one of these new books will meet you where you are.

Mom Walk

The Mom Walk

First, Sally’s 2007 book with Harvest House, The Mom Walk, has been updated and released in a fresh new version through Whole Heart Press. It is a wonderful exploration of how to walk with God as a mother, drawn from Sally’s own life and experiences as a mother of 28 years.






Journeys of Faithfulness

Then, Sarah’s first book, Journeys of Faithfulness, has been fully revised and updated with new “Reflections” as a young woman of 27. In this new Apologia/WholeHeart book, she writes to encourage other young women on their walk of faith by retelling the stories of four single women in Scriptures.





Wisdom Chasers

Wisdom Chasers

Finally, our 22-year-old son Nathan has written his first book, distributed by Whole Heart Press. Wisdom Chasers is a collection of personal essays about Nathan’s life and walk with God as a young man, “catching glimpses of God in pursuit of truth.” You can read more about each book in the Whole Heart Store.


  1. HI there,

    I remember reading in one of Sally Clarkson’s book a story about a missionary family maybe Corrie Ten Boom about where they hid bible pages in their shoes. Was that The Mission of MOtherhood. Or The MInistry of Motherhood? I’m really trying to find that story where she talks about it.


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