Our Books

Our passion is books and resources. We write and publish materials that will help you as a Christian parent raise wholehearted children for Christ. To purchase any of our books displayed below, click on the title or go to the Whole Heart Store tab.

Educating the WholeHearted Child (3rd Ed.)

By Clay Clarkson
Clay's exploration and explanation of WholeHearted Learning, a discipleship and literature based model of Christian homeschooling.

Heartfelt Discipline

Clay's insights into what Scripture really says about childhood discipline, the path of life, and the heart of your child. Second edition.


Sally's and Sarah Mae's personal insights on the challenges of motherhood, and the need for a mentor mother in the midst of it.

Journeys of Faithfulness

Sarah's personal insights on walking by faith as a young women drawn from the retold stories of four single women in Scripture.

Read for Heart - Whole Books for WholeHearted Families

By Sarah Clarkson
Sarah's insights and recommendations from being raised on books of the best of children's literature for WholeHearted families.

Our 24 Family Ways - A Family Devotional Guide

By Clay Clarkson
Clay's "just add Bible" family devotional and discipleship resource based on 24 statements of biblical family values.

The Mission of Motherhood

By Sally Clarkson
Sally's personal insights and biblical exploration as a "mom after God's heart" of God's plan and design for motherhood.

The Ministry of Motherhood

By Sally Clarkson
Sally's insights on influence your children with the GIFTS model based on observing the life of Jesus with his disciples.

The Mom Walk (2nd Ed.)

By Sally Clarkson
Sally's personal stories, reflections, and biblical insights about walking as a mom with God on his path of motherhood.

Seasons of a Mother's Heart (2nd Ed.)

By Sally Clarkson
Sally's personal stories, reflections, and biblical insights about the seasons of a homeschooling mother's life.

Dancing with My Father

By Sally Clarkson
Sally's personal thoughts and reflections on how to live a life of joy and grace with God in all circumstances of life.

Wisdom Chasers

By Nathan Clarkson
Nathan's first book as a young man of 22 to encourage other young men to pursue God and his wisdom.