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Mom Heart Conference 2016

Our first official ministry event for mothers was a WholeHearted Mother Workshop for our small church in Fort Worth, Texas in spring of 1996. It was a seed of faith sown that yielded a crop of mom conferences sixty-fold over the next twenty years, all by God's grace. So we've declared 2016 as the official 20th anniversary of our Mom Heart … [Read More...]

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It’s That Time of Year – The Year-End Letter

It's that time of year again when Christian ministries just want to say, "Have a Good Advent and a Merry Christmas!" However, because we are a faith ministry, we also feel compelled to say, "And keep us in mind for your year-end giving." It's awkward. But it's how it's done. It used to be done with an impersonal printed letter, but like everyone … [Read More...]

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Mom Heart Conference 2015

If you're looking for a conference where you can be encouraged as a mother, fellowship with other mothers, and find some light in the the gray days of winter, then you're looking for a Mom Heart Conference. In our 18th year of conferences, we'll be in Colorado, California, and Texas to provide a getaway and get together for Christian moms in … [Read More...]

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A Whole New Whole Heart Online

We're back! We hope you like the new site. Whole Heart is celebrating its 20th anniversary in September 2014, our first full generation of ministry (by demographic standards). It seemed like a good time to re-purpose this website as we move into our second generation, aka Whole Heart 2.0. For two decades, we have made it our one goal to … [Read More...]

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Faith-Shaped Parenting

Every Christian parent will readily affirm that their children are being raised in a "Christian home."  Probe a little deeper, though, and you'll find that what they really mean is that their children are being raised in a "Christian culture." Let me state what should be obvious, but isn't: Christian activities and interests do not make a home … [Read More...]