Mom Heart Conferences 2012 – Thank You!

That’s a wrap! Our fifteenth year of the Mom Heart Conference has come to wonderful conclusion in Irving, Texas, after great events in Denver, Colorado and Irvine, California. We had anticipated about 1,200 attendees this year, and ended up celebrating the joys of motherhood with over 1,500 mom-hearted mothers from all walks of life, at least 20 states, and Canada and China. Much more than numbers, though, what we see in these events is a growing hunger among Christian mothers for biblical encouragement and vision for their lives.┬áThat is our heart for Mom Heart–to create a worldwide network of small groups for mothers who are committed to restoring moms’ hearts to God’s heart for motherhood. We want to cultivate a strategic movement of heartshaping moms committed to sending their children into the next generation as representatives of Christ’s gospel and ambassadors God’s kingdom. Whether or not you were able to attend, more is on the way to help you become a heartshaping mother. Stay tuned!


  1. Is there a date for the next Mom Heart conference? I’m dying to go to one!

    • wholeheart says:

      Next MH Conferences will be in January and February 2013 (approx. same weekends for CO, CA, TX as 2012). We’ll post dates when we sign the hotel contracts.

      • Caroline Livingston says:

        Please let us know ASAP! Our church schedules their men’s retreat the same weekend, so this year I want tell them to move it!
        Thanks :)

        • wholeheart says:

          We will let everyone know the dates just as soon as we have firm contracts with the hotels. We don’t want to misguide anyone for planning.

  2. Would love to know when

  3. Where in California is the conference held?

  4. Jennifer Swets says:

    Do you do any conferences in the Midwest/Chicago area?

    • wholeheart says:

      At this time, we are planning conferences in Jan/Feb 2013 in CO, CA, and TX. We may add one more, but it would likely be east coast.

      • Ooooh, please please add East Coast!! I want to go so badly. I will probably try to make it anyway but the airline tickets add that extra expense. Thank you so much for hosting these every year, hopefully next year i will be there :)

      • Would Orlando be a consideration? We have a large group of homeschooling families! I’d love to see you come to this area.

        • wholeheart says:

          We have to look for two factors to consider a new area: 1) it’s a large metropolitan area, and 2) we know we have a lot of wholehearted families in the area. Other issues: we can only do about four events during our conference season (winter), three of the locations are already settled, we have to book a year in advance, we’re still faith-driven but also risk-averse at this point, and we’re not as go-go as we used to be. We just pray and follow God’s lead.

          • Cheryl in SC says:

            I vote for SC, GA, or NC—completely and totally biased, of course! I pray for wisdom as you make plans, knowing well that God directs your path. Blessings~

          • Adriana says:

            Can you come back to Nashville or close to it? You have some major fans here that would to attend and be refreshed.



          • Boston area!!! I’ll rally the troops! Would absolutly love to hear you speak and know many others that would as well. Do you ever speak at churches? I’d come see you anywhere on the east coast… Even Orlando! :)

          • I vote for north east :)

          • Lisa in NC says:

            I’m with Cheryl, please come to NC, SC, or GA!!

  5. Do you ever come to the North East , NY, CT, NJ? There is definitely a gap here for ministries like yours.. If you do not come this way do you know of similar ministries

  6. Leslie Davis says:

    I would like to find out if you have a conference planned for the Charlotte, NC or Atlanta, GA area anytime in the future?

    • wholeheart says:

      We’re trying to secure a hotel for NC for late Feb 2013. We hope to be in Atlanta in 2014.

      • Thank you so much for this. Do you know if NC is definite yet? I am praying that it is!!! :) Since I am due with a baby in early Feb- I pray that the baby comes early or that this conference would be late Feb :) Thank you for being such a wonderful instrument of Christ’s Love to our world and our mothers. We all need it so badly. God bless you.

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