Mom Heart Conference DFW/TX is FULL (Waiting List Closed)

frowny-face-150We are soooo sorry to have to tell so many the bad news, but the DFW/TX Mom Heart Conference is completely full. And the Waiting List is completely full. We knew we might sell out this year, but did not anticipate it happening so quickly or with so many we would have to turn away. We’re already looking at possibilities for expanding the conference next year, but regretfully there’s nothing we can do about it this year. We’re pushing the ballroom to its capacity and simply have no way to add more chairs. Again, we apologize to our wholehearted moms who will not be able to join us this year. This is a first time we’ve had this happen, so we’re on an accelerated learning program to make sure it’s the last.


  1. Denise Campbell says:

    Well, this will be the first time in over 5 years that I will not be attending. :( We all kept saying last year that someone needs to look into other options to be able to host more people. We had friends last year that could not make it due to sale out…but this is crazy!!!!! Please…don’t let this happen again. Please…look into another place to host.

    ~Denise Campbell

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