Keeping Up with Whole Heart Press

Whole Heart Press is the publishing part of Whole Heart Ministries. Since 1994, we’ve published over a dozen books and resources to help Christian parents raise wholehearted Christian children. Some of those books are still in print (Our 24 Family Ways; The Gold Thread); some are now Apologia/WholeHeart books (Educating the WholeHearted Child; Seasons of a Mother’s Heart); some are waiting to be rewritten and reprinted by WH Press (Journeys of Faithfulness; Heartfelt Discipline; The Mom Walk; Just David); and many others are in the wings waiting to be birthed (public domain reprints; new discipleship materials; Mom Heart resources).

The heart of Whole Heart Ministries is our books and resources. We are excited about the possibilities for expanding our publishing into new areas, moving into ebook and digital book publishing, and beginning to use Print On Demand (POD) to offer more titles than ever before.


  1. Please print Heartfelt discipline soon! I have been searching for a copy and they are very difficult to find. I can get one on amazon for $111! Do you have an approximate release date?

    • wholeheart says:

      I’m working on the updated version this summer. Hope to have it out this fall in both print and ebook formats.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Is the new version of “Educating the Wholehearted Child” going to be available as an e-book?

    • wholeheart says:

      That decision will be made by the publisher, Apologia Press. I don’t think you’ll see it any time soon. But stay tuned since Whole Heart Press will be experimenting with ebooks in the near future. We’re excited.

  3. Any updates on Heartfelt discipline? Thinking of bying a used one, but if there is a new one shortly I’d wait…..

    • A reprint of Heartfelt Discipline is in the works. Hoping for later in the fall, but no guarantees. It will be edited, and have some new material.

  4. Oh, I am so much wishing Heartfelt Discipline would be reprinted! I’ve been waiting for some time and holding off on buying a used one…but I’m wondering how much longer it might be?

  5. Stephanie says:

    I with the other ladies on this one. I can’t wait. I have been reading “Educating the Wholehearted Child” (again) and longing for “Heartfelt Discipline”. No other books lead me to Godly parenting the way your and Sally’s books do. They often guide my daily devotions and I come out a better mother for them.

  6. Very much looking forward to Heartfelt Discipline in ANY format!! Praying for you all is it is edited!

  7. Do you have the 24 family ways color sheets in PDF format? They are a great tool – thank you!

  8. Vicentiu Neagoe says:

    Any update on the state of Heartfelt Discipline?

    Eagerly waiting…

  9. Regina Adams says:

    Would love to see Just David out so that we can give it as gifts. Have been waiting for some time and will not depart with my copy but would love to pass it on to fellow musicians.

  10. Vicentiu Neagoe says:

    Hello, just wondering what the status of Heartfelt discipline is.


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