December Update #2: Desperate for Desperate

Desperate ~ Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe

That’s the date for the release of Sally’s and Sarah Mae’s new book, Desperate~Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe. There is a hunger (some would say a desperate hunger) for a book like this. It will speak to the spiritual needs of so many moms who feel burdened under and burned out by the sometimes heavy weight of motherhood, especially with young children. Sarah Mae, who is that young mom, gives voice to so many of what they are feeling and going through. Sally gives the response of the older woman and mother who has also walked that path, but is farther along the journey now. Their words will inspire and encourage those every mom going through the challenging years of parenting young children.

We are encouraging all our wholehearted friends to purchase a copy of Desperate on January 8 in a leading bookstore like B&N, or from Amazon, so the New York Times will take notice (they only record single sales from a few leading sources for their lists). The message of Desperate–that motherhood is a spiritual calling imbued with eternal purpose and meaning–is not often heard these days, and we want to make sure this book finds every mother that needs to hear its message. Plan to get your copy on January 8 and help us lift up Desperate so more will be able to see it and find it.


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