December Reminder #1: We’re a Faith Ministry

Not everyone knows that we are a nonprofit Christian ministry. We’ve been doing this “by faith” for 18 years! Click the “Read More” button below to see our year-end letter of what we see ahead for this ministry in 2013 and beyond. If God puts it on your heart to become a Whole Heart Partner with us as we encourage and equip Christian parents, we would be excited to have you on our journey. There’s a “Donate” button at the end of the letter to learn how to join us in ministry to parents. Thank you!

December 10, 2012

Dear Friends and Whole Heart Partners,

This ministry is now one generation old! We started 18 years ago in 1994, one generation demographically. On January 1, 2013 we embark on our second generation of ministry to parents. We are asking God for one more generation of ministry, and for new Whole Heart Partners to join us for that journey down the backstretch. There is so much more we can do in 18 years, and 2030 is such a nice round year. However, we need your help starting right now! This year. 2013.

Since you’re reading this in the midst of your Christmas mail and seasonal activities, we’ll keep this brief—just a five-minute year-end snapshot of what’s going on at Whole Heart that has us so excited about 2013. In our first 18 years of ministry, we’ve never seen the kinds of opportunities we are seeing right now. Here’s what’s happening.


Mom Heart is set to explode in 2013. This past year, we launched the new Mom Heart Online ( with 25 inspirational mom bloggers as authors. That site is getting a total makeover that will include training for group leaders, a social network for moms, a new online store, and more. Sally’s I Take Joy blog for Christian women ( has been growing exponentially—her personal blog has logged over 2.5 million hits. Those numbers are surprising, but God is giving the growth, and it is still growing. On January 8, Thomas Nelson (the world’s largest Christian book publisher) will release Desperate~Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe, Sally and mom blogger Sarah Mae’s new book that is being targeted for the New York Times bestseller list. We expect the book to do very well and to drive many more moms to our ministry websites and blogs.

We have four Mom Heart Conference events coming up in January and February in Colorado, California, Texas, and North Carolina. Sally will encourage moms in a series called “I Take Hope—Moving from Desperate to Destiny.” Because of online marketing and blog chatter about the book release, we’re hoping for a good turnout this year. There is no other conference quite like these inspirational weekend getaways for Christian moms. In May, Sally will be a Keynote speaker for the Teach Them Diligently Conventions in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and our old hometown Nashville, Tennessee. We are already planning for Mom Heart Leader Intensive Training weekends (“Intensives”) next summer to train moms for ministry, and we hope to begin work on a one-day Mom Heart Mominar concept for churches that a trained Mom Heart leader could present. Finally, we hope to offer a new WholeHearted Learning Workshop weekend in the fall, and are discussing the possibility of a Bring Them Up Family Conference with another mom blogger family.


Whole Heart Press is getting its beat back. We are building on our reputation as a trusted creator and publisher of Christian home and parenting books and resources. We released Sally’s book The Mom Walk in June, and Clay’s book Heartfelt Discipline will release in January. We hope to release several more books in 2013 as we are able to obtain funds for printing. We are also working on ebooks and mobile apps for Mom Heart and Whole Heart. Our legacy books with WaterBrook Press and Apologia Press are all doing well and continue to expand into new audiences. Our ministry website Whole Heart Online ( will undergo a total makeover after the first of the year to become a daily Christian home and parenting blog offering inspirational, biblical, and practical help to parents. The Whole Heart Online Store will also get a makeover to make it easier for parents to shop, and easier for us to reach out to parents internationally.


Let me cut to the chase: We are growing as a ministry, but our ministry-generated revenues are not growing fast enough to keep up. We need donations to stay at financial parity. We have added more staff (two virtual part-time online editors, and an in-house part-time web-tech assistant), we will be printing more books (new books and reprints, about $5,000 each), and all of our operational costs are increasing (group medical insurance, rent, online services). Although it is a manageable debt, we also would like to retire the balance of a business loan, currently $40,000, that we were forced to acquire about six years ago. We have not had a significant year-end surplus in over a decade, but we pray that God will provide a surplus this year to help pay down the debt, as well as to help fund new ministry initiatives and products, or that dedicated donations might help us reduce it. If you are able to help Whole Heart as we head into 2013, we deeply appreciate your generosity and support. A donor card and response envelope are enclosed for your convenience.

We are so thankful to God for your partnership in ministry with us. Thank you for sharing our heart for Christian parents and godly homes. We pray you and your family have a wonderful Advent and Christmas celebration filled with grace, peace, hope, and joy in our Lord!

Wholehearted blessings in Christ,

Clay and Sally

Clay and Sally Clarkson


If you are able to make a year-end donation to Whole Heart Ministries, just click the link above, or click on the “Donate” tab in the Home page menu. Whole Heart is a nonprofit, 501c3 tax-exempt Christian ministry. Your gift will be receipted and is tax-deductible. We appreciate your gift as we move ahead into our second generation of faithful ministry to Christian parents. Wholehearted blessings!

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